FCS Belgium - 4days - CYCLING only

donderdag 23 mei 2019 09:30 - zondag 26 mei 2019 12:00, Centrum Ronde Van Vlaanderen, Markt, Oudenaarde

sprekers: Open for Rotarians, Rotaractors, Innerwheel friends. Participation to guided races, day by day, 3 groups (50km, 80km, 120km)

We open the 4-days cycling to serve for Rotarians, Rotaractors, Innwerheel members based on available seets (safety first and priority to full package participants)

Daily participation cost: 35€, including 'bevoorrading' (stop underway) and pasta after the race. See the program information available in the 'Full Package event'.

Payment at the start of each race. You need to sign a register of presence. With this signature you agree to participate at own risk, you are in a good health and will respect the code of the road.

It is not a race to win, the spead will be adapted to the last one. Respect the road captains!

The roadbook of the races will be detailed later (GPS).

Start and finish always at the Center of the Ronde Van Vlaanderen (Museum), Markt in Oudenaarde


Free parkings available, see attachement


We are honored to introduce to you our social projects sponsors:







With your participation the following social projects are supported:


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